Thanksgiving #1

Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries after only one picture. But here you can see Elias playing with his Uncles, Daddy, and Shaina.

What is Thanksgiving, really? It’s a holiday….it’s always on the fourth Thursday in November…but what is it really? It’s a meal. Time with family. A reminder to filled with thanks and love.

This year, Nathan and I are spending Thanksgiving day with his mom. One of my brothers will be with his wife’s family, and the other will be in Ohio with his girlfriend’s family. My parents found that it would just be the two of them….for the first time…probably ever. They will be heading out of town for Thanksgiving day to celebrate in their own way, but wanted to still gather as a family for a good meal and some good times together.

Hence, we had Thanksgiving #1 last weekend! It was Bartle Thanksgiving. My mom cooked a delicious meal, and we all gathered together. We got to meet Uncle Greg’s girlfriend. (Elias is still pretending to call Shaina on the phone…it’s quite cute). We played games and talked and just enjoyed the company of family. What better way to spend a Sunday evening than to make time for extra Thanksgiving?

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  1. Linda says:

    It was a very fun and perfect evening with family! We really enjoyed our own special “Bartle Thanksgiving”.

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