Elias and Audrey hold hands on a short walk.

Elias and Audrey hold hands on a short walk.

We’ve had family in town for the past week. It has been a ton of fun, but after a week of so much activity with so many people, we are exhausted! One of the most fun parts of having family in town was the opportunity for Elias to play with his cousins. The three of them (Elias and his two cousins) played very well together. It was so much fun for me to see Elias playing and running around with kids around his age and just acting like a little boy. He’s usually not interested in playing with other kids much at play group or art class or the church nursery. I think Elias has had a great time, and he’ll miss his cousins very much! Simon got to have a bit of cousin interaction as well. Both girls were interested in him. Audrey claims she doesn’t remember when her little sister was a baby, and Sonya hasn’t had any smaller siblings. He mostly slept through these times together, but I’m sure he’ll be joining in the fun before too long!


Audrey and Sonya playing with Simon while he sleeps


Audrey and Elias being silly


Elias and Audrey ran around and took turns wearing this “hat”


Elias and Sonya playing ring around the rosie


Elias' first ride on a teeter totter.

Elias’ first ride on a teeter totter.

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