A Week of Firsts and Lasts

With the arrival of our first child only five weeks away or so, Nate and I decided to spend some time together for our last vacation before kids. We were especially blessed because due to family and future extended family, it was entirely free except for fuel expenses! Our week was divided into three portions. 1. Stay-cation  2. Beach camping   3. Sunriver

During the beginning of the week we stayed in town and got lots of much needed “stuff” done. We did get to go to a Portland Beavers baseball game though. Nathan was excited because it was the baby’s first professional baseball game. Unfortunately, the Beavers lost, but we were glad we could go see them one more time before the Timbers take over PGE Park.

On Tuesday morning we headed up to the coast for some camping and fishing. While I was quite nervous about this, camping didn’t turn out to be too difficult. Since Nate had to wake up at five anyway to go fishing, he only had to wake up two extra times to walk me to the bathroom. Nathan also enjoyed commenting that it was the baby’s first camping trip, camp fire, s’mores, etc.

We ended our week by heading to central Oregon for some relaxing with just the two of us. We went swimming, and just spent time together.

Overall, it was a wonderful week. We are looking forward to our baby coming soon, but I am so glad we got some time to have our last vacation before kids. Spending time with Nate is the best!

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