Baby Shower

I was blessed to have a wonderful baby shower over the weekend. A special thank you to Kristy and Peggy Brice along with my mom for hosting and planning it. Nathan and I were overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity when we got all of the stuff into the baby’s room. Now, a few days later, we are feeling really good about our nursery. Our crib has been delivered, clothes are washed and put away, and everything has a place. We are just waiting on a coupon to come in the mail from Babies R Us so we can go get the last few things we want/need.

I’ll post some pictures from the baby shower and some comments below:

The cake was so cute! There was a Noah's Ark Theme.

I love this picture of Kristy (my future sister-in-law) and her sister smelling the diapers during game time.

The quilt my mom made for her first grandchild!

Me and Nathan after I got home. I made him look at everything!

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