Well our due date has come and gone. Nathan kept telling me yesterday…”You still have six more hours when you could go into labor on your due date.”….”You still have three more hours….” Oh well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a very good doctor’s appointment on Monday because my blood pressure was too high. It went back to normal after they made me lay down for forty minutes or so. So….I am not really allowed to do anything active at all now. No more pregnancy fitness. 🙁 No more walking. No more vacuuming or anything. It just makes the waiting seem longer.

Last night my spirits were lifted, though, when I was given a surprise shower by my fellow Stephen Ministers at church. This baby will be so loved! Nate and I are very appreciative of everything.

I am off to the doctor again in a couple of hours. We’ll see what happens….please pray for us that everything goes smoothly and the baby is healthy and safe.

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2 Responses to Waiting

  1. Lahlae says:

    aaww! I will definitely pray for you guys and “Bruce” 😛 Take it easy, as it sounds like you’re doing, and find something to make you laugh….maybe that will get the baby going 🙂

  2. janet Roth says:

    LOTS of prayers…. we are counting on the little fellow to star in this year’s Christmas pageant!

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