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Leaf Pile!

Sunny cool day. Leaves on the ground. Good, clean fun. Mommy and Caleb came out too.

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Caleb Kepano Smith

This morning November 25th we welcomed our third son Caleb Kepano Smith into this world. He weighed 9 lbs 3 oz at birth and is 20.5 inches long. Caleb’s Hawaiian middle name Kepano means “Stephen”, after his grandfather. Simon and … Continue reading

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Raising the liturgical child

I believe Kimberly has mentioned in a previous post how Elias will recite little bits of church liturgy at home. Most of the time it is fairly context-free, he is just randomly saying something he heard recently. But after reciting … Continue reading

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Hops baseball count

We’ve been getting out to a lot of Hillsboro Hops baseball games this summer. I’ve been to five, and Elias has been to four, with mommy and Simon having been to three. It’s always a lot of fun. We’ve been … Continue reading

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A new toy

We decided to get the old “round-the-world gym” out to see if Simon could play in it. He has been holding his head up pretty well lately. After getting it out of storage and dusting it off, we put Simon … Continue reading

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About a year ago I picked up a pair of five-gallon buckets to serve as emergency toilets. You know what ladies like? Toilet seats. So finally this past week I ordered a seat. Check that beauty out!

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First fishing trip!

Elias had an important milestone this past Saturday: he went on his first fishing trip! We woke up around 6:15am, which is definitely early for Elias. But after a bit of breakfast he was awake and ready for action. And … Continue reading

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Simon was born on Ash Wednesday

So we gave up sleeping through the night for Lent.

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Simon Kealoha Smith

Our son Simon Kealoha Smith was born this morning February 13th at 8:10am. He is 21.75 inches long and weighs in at 9 lbs 15 oz. Simon is derived from the Hebrew word for “he has heard.” In accordance with … Continue reading

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The taxonomy of “chips”

At the park yesterday: Me: “Elias, you picked up some bark chips?” Elias: “No, meow chips.”

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