Our family after the baptism

Elias was baptized yesterday on All Saints Day. We, of course, love our son very much and were very excited for him to become a member of the body of Christ. There was a lot going on at the worship service because of All Saints so Elias got a little fussy at times. For the most part, though, he did very well. He only made a few little sounds when the water was poured over him. The water that was used actually had water from the Jordan River mixed in so that was cool! I have to admit, I got a little teary when the priest said, “Elias, you are sealed by the Holy Spirit in Baptism and marked as Christ’s own for ever.” Nothing can every take this away from him. Jesus died to save him and there is nothing anyone can do to change that. It was very moving.

Elias and his suit

In other news, we bought a cute white suit for Elias to wear. He decided that it would be on this fine occasion when he would have his first complete diaper blowout. We knew he had pooped shortly before the baptism was to happen, but there was not enough time to do anything about it. Afterward, during the offertory, Nathan and I went out to change his diaper and found that it had gone beyond the diaper and out onto his clothes. We had to put the suit back on without the undershirt, but oh well.

After the service we got to go to grandma and grandpa Bartle’s house for a nice lunch. Overall, it was a very happy day for our family.

With his godfather, Andrew

Sleeping and looking cute

The whole family. (left to right) Uncle Greg, Grandma Bartle, Grandpa Bartle, Mommy, Daddy, Elias, Uncle Scott, Grandma Smith, Auntie Kristy

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  2. Lahlae says:

    I feel honored that my birthday was Elias’s baptism day 😉

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