Zoo Lights

We posed for a family photo after the train ride.

Now that Elias is part of our family, we get to do a lot of fun things around town. Last night, we went to the zoo lights. I wasn’t sure if Elias would be interested in it at all since he is still so young, and I was prepared for him to sleep the whole time (or cry). We really lucked out because the weather was so mild. It barely sprinkled and it was in the 50’s so it wasn’t too cold. Grandma and Grandpa Bartle came along and we met Nathan at the zoo for our fun outing.

Elias watching the animals on a carousel pass by.

It turns out that Elias loved the zoo lights. He especially seemed to like looking at the red lights. He watched from his stroller almost the whole time, then got out when it was time for the train ride. He liked the blinking lights on the train, and was cooing a lot of the time.

We get to go to zoo lights again once Nathan’s family arrives in town so that will be a nice treat for us!

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