MLK Weekend

Nathan and Elias in the snow

Nathan and I thought it would be fun to take Elias on his first vacation over the three day weekend. We packed up lots of diapers, baby clothes and burp rags (along with a few things for ourselves and the kitties) and headed over the mountain to Sunriver. We are lucky enough to have a free place to stay thanks to my parents, so it was a gas only vacation cost-wise. We were ready to relax and have fun on our first vacation with our son!

This picture is mainly for Janet R. Proof that Nathan changes diapers. 🙂 He changed many diapers at this make shift diaper changing station over the weekend.

We made it to Sunriver on Friday night with relatively little problem. The normally 4 hour trip over the mountain took us 5 and a half instead. We had to stop to feed and change Elias in Sandy. We also had to stop somewhere on the mountain because Elias got lonely with only the crated kitties to keep him company in the back seat. Poor little guy. He got quite upset, but was instantly comforted when he saw us. For his first time in the car for an extended period of time, it went pretty well.

On Saturday morning we hoped to be able to play in the snow a bit. There was a good amount of snow on the deck, but unfortunately it was raining. When it was only misting we dressed Elias in his little snowsuit and took him out. He didn’t enjoy it much when we tried to sit him in the snow because he was getting rain on his face. He did enjoy it when we held him. After only about 5 minutes it started raining pretty hard so we had to go inside. Oh well.

Mommy and Elias in the snow

Most of the weekend we just relaxed and played, but we also went out to the Sunriver mall. We really wanted to go on a walk, but couldn’t really find a break in the rain. On Sunday, a sufficient break arrived and we bundled up Elias to go out. While we were out, we got stopped by some people on a scavenger hunt. They needed to take a picture of a baby. They said they would get bonus points if they were holding the baby in the picture but we denied them. We thought it was pretty funny and let them take their picture with him in the stroller. I hope they won.


Another fun event of the weekend was Elias finding his toes. He never had really noticed his feet or toes to our knowledge. On Sunday night he was playing with us and grabbed his foot. I took his socks off and he looked very intently at his toes for a long time. He also was grasping them. Babies are so flexible! Pretty soon he’ll be able to count his toes. That will be lots of fun.

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2 Responses to MLK Weekend

  1. Lahlae says:

    I love your baby 🙂 oh, and you guys, too 😛

  2. janet Roth says:

    Thanks for the picture of Nathan doing the fatherly thing….. You’ll end up (most likely) changing diapers in challenging places a couple times. Two I remember best from our son. First opening the back of my hatchback car to change our son in the trunk when the two of us were in Albuquerque at the university registering for a term of independent study Greek. Second changing him in the nursery when I was also involved in an education commission meeting — and that was a rather messy emergency change.

    We’re going to Sunriver for the first time in early May. How is the museum there?

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