Tummy Time

Tummy Time

Elias has pretty much hated tummy time his whole 3 months of life. It has been one of those tough love kind of activities. We do it because it is good for him. Normally he cries almost immediately when he is set on his tummy. By talking to other mothers, I have gathered that this has been pretty common since the “back to sleep” movement in the 90’s.

This morning I got an idea to put Elias on his tummy, but propped up on the boppy pillow. That way his face isn’t planted into the carpet. His neck muscles are strong enough that I thought he could handle it.

I wouldn’t say Elias loved the tummy time on the boppy….but he was definitely happier. He lasted about five minutes without getting fussy. That is a huge difference from like two seconds. He was really cute looking at his pooh bear and touching his rattles. He couldn’t quite pick anything up to play with, but he’ll get there.

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