Another Snowy Weekend

Here we are for a snowy family portrait.

My dad’s birthday was on February 19th. He really wanted the whole family together so we packed off to Sunriver for President’s Day weekend. We had a blast there, and we got a February snow surprise so Elias got to use his cute snowsuit again….I mean…handsome snowsuit. The car rides went a little better this time as well. On the drive home Nathan and I were wondering whether we would ever have a non-stressful vacation again. Once we arrived in Sunriver everything went really smoothly but the drive is nerve-wracking with an infant.

Grandma Bartle pulling Elias and Uncle Greg in the sled.

On Saturday we got to play in the snow a little, and the boys shoveled the driveway. Elias got to (sort of) experience his first sled ride. He was pulled around in various laps on flat ground…but he seemed to like it. One time when Nathan was pulling me and Elias, some snow flew right into Elias’ face. He seemed to take it in stride and just went with it. We got it all brushed off and he was happy as can be.

Elias had fun looking at snowflakes with Uncle Scott

Over the weekend we played lots of games and just relaxed. Elias got to play with some new blocks and Uncle Scott created a working arch bridge. He called it “advanced block building” and told Elias he wasn’t quite ready for it yet. Elias got lots of fun time with his grandpa, grandma, aunt, and uncles on the Bartle side. These are the times we will remember and treasure as more time passes.

Looking at snow with Auntie Kristy and Uncle Greg

Elias likes to work on computers with Grandpa Bartle at home and at Sunriver.

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