On the Move!

Well…Elias isn’t exactly on the move yet. He’s not crawling or anything like that. But he has taken some amazing “steps” toward being mobile. He no longer just lays there where we put him down. He has learned how to arch his back to make it difficult to put him in the car seat….he has learned how to turn on his side when I am trying to change his diaper….and he has learned how to maneuver his body by wiggling on his back….not to mention that he rolls over from front to back like an expert now.

Elias rotated his body. When I put him there, he feet were under the beachball.

The other day I set him down in his kick and crawl gym with his head underneath the toys and his feet underneath the ball. Then I went to go unload the dishwasher. When I came back a couple minutes later…he had somehow turned himself sideways. He just looked up at me with the funniest expression like “what did you expect, mom?” It was so cute I just had to take a picture of him sideways. Now I can no longer leave him there when doing chores because I don’t know where he will wiggle off to….we haven’t baby proofed the house yet.

On our family walk. Daddy and Elias.

Another fun event was putting Elias into the bjorn facing forward for the first time. Over the weekend we went on a walk and decided to try it. He really liked being able to see everything rather than being squished against us. When I took him yesterday, he “talked” to me a lot and kept turning his head backward to look at my face.

Elias has also finally been able to take advantage of the “around the world” gym that Uncle Scott, Auntie Kristy, and Uncle Greg got him for Christmas. He loves looking at the tropical bird and the penguin. He is so cute because he holds on to some of the parts to help himself balance. This will definitely strengthen his stomach muscles!

Elias playing in his around the world gym during the superbowl game.

Elias also had the opportunity to celebrate Grandma Smith’s birthday last week. We had fun eating at Red Robins and then came home for some visiting time. At Red Robins, Elias got startled by the Red Robin waiters and waitresses when they were singing a birthday song to the table next to us. He started crying really hard. I thought it was so funny because our waiter kept apologizing but it wasn’t really his fault. Overall, it’s been a great week!

Elias and Grandma Smith on her birthday

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