Valentine’s Day in Pictures

I often read the news from BBC news online, and they have something called “Today in Pictures.” I decided to make my own version of Elias’ first valentine’s day. So here it is…Valentine’s Day in Pictures:

Happy Valentine's Day! Cute outfit.

Watching Hermione playing on the floor.

Hug me, Mom!

Tummy Time! Elias received the valentine dog from Grandma and Grandpa Bartle.

Back to watching Hermione. This time she is in the cat tower.

Tasting it is the best way to know if it's good, right?

Looking at the book and feeling the pages. Actually...mostly he just opened and closed the book on this page, but it's a start.

Just waking up from morning naptime.

The poor valentine outfit was soiled. Here is Elias waiting for me to decide what to dress him in.

In the swing to relax while Mommy does laundry.

More tummy time while waiting for Daddy to come home.

After Daddy got home, Elias went to play with grandma and grandpa Bartle so that mommy and daddy could go out to dinner for a valentine’s date. It was a fun day.

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