Family Time

I think this weekend was one of the happiest Elias has ever had. We had no plans…nowhere we had to be….we wanted it that way since we’ll be traveling next weekend on Elias’ first plane trip and that will be somewhat stressful. Elias laughed and squealed a ton and just seemed genuinely happy. Nathan being home on the weekends makes him very happy as well.

Nathan, Elias, and two of the lions

Today Nathan and I decided we wanted to go to the Rose Garden. Unfortunately, neither of us thought of the fact that it is basically still winter and nothing is in bloom. When we got there and saw our mistake, we salvaged the outing by going to the zoo instead. We are now actually zoo members. Nathan said that he feels like a true Portland citizen now as a zoo patron. All he needs now is an OPB membership. :)We’ll be able to go to the zoo as often as we want now.

Elias looking at the ceiling fan. Mommy looking at the giraffe.

With a baby, you have to do things in short spurts of time. We headed straight for Africa and planned to leave when we finished there so Elias wouldn’t get too worn out. We got to see some really cool animals, and we even got to see the lions rough-housing with each other and a zebra running around. Lots of the animals were out and awake, but we did not get to see the hippos or rhinos. Oh well…maybe next time.

The funniest part of the whole trip was when we were at the giraffe exhibit. It was actually one of the first ones we saw and we had just taken Elias out of his stroller so he could really see the animals. They were in the indoor part so we got as close as possible and Elias was riveted by…..the ceiling fan. He eventually did look at the giraffe but then he quickly went back to staring at the ceiling fan. It was quite amusing.

Nathan and Elias. Proud zoo members.

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  1. janet Roth says:

    Yes, when you have babies and small children a zoo pass (and in another year an OMSI pass! and one to the Children’s Museum!) all are especially good investments. When our youngest was about 2-3 we used to get to the zoo or OMSI (which was across from the zoo in those days) at least once a week. What a wonderful time of your lives!

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