Indiana – The Final Part

Now that we are almost in April, I figured I’d better finish the Indiana series of posts. It has been almost two weeks since we got back already! I will post some pictures and explanations of some of the other highlights of our trip.

1. We had an extra hour or two between our hotel check-out time and when we had to be at the airport on the way home. We decided to go view Chicago from the top of the John Hancock building. Unfortunately, there were actually thunderstorms going on at that time with hail, lightening, and all so the visibility was not good….but we still had fun. Our ears actually popped as we went up in the elevator.

Nathan and Elias on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Building in Chicago.

2. Elias had his first mohawk. As we were giving a sponge bath, we realized that he has enough hair to stick up in weird ways.

Elias after his sponge bath with crazy hair.

3. We got to celebrate great-grandpa’s 84th birthday at the Olive Garden. Here are Nathan and Elias with great-grandma and great-grandpa.

Birthday Party!

4. Since Purdue is located in Lafayette where Nathan’s dad lives, we drove past the campus many times. We bought Elias his first baseball cap sporting the Purdue logo.

Elias in his Purdue cap.

5. On the day we went to the Shedd aquarium, we got a kick out of this “Man Hugging Fish” fountain/statue. Nathan couldn’t resist taking Elias up there for a picture.

Man Hugging Fish

6. Elias and Daddy got to wear compatible Linux t-shirts for the first time. A computer nerd in the making!

Elias and Daddy in Linux shirts.

Our time in Indiana was wonderful. We are so glad we went.

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3 Responses to Indiana – The Final Part

  1. janet Roth says:

    Love the father son Linux picture. The world NEEDS more computer nerds……they are our rock stars!

  2. Lahlae says:

    ha, I just had a flash-forward moment of Ben wearing the same kind of shirt whenever we have kids…

  3. The pictuers are so cute

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