First Time at the Park

Elias swinging for the first time at the park!

Yesterday Elias and I did not have much on our schedule and it was reasonably good weather so I decided to walk to Autumn Ridge Park which is not too far from our home. I thought it was time that Elias try out the swings for the first time. He can sit up on his own now, and his neck is very strong so I thought he’d be able to handle the swing just fine. I never realized how large those baby swings are compared to the size of the baby. I guess they have to fit for toddlers too. Elias had a lot of fun swinging. He also enjoyed watching the bigger kids who didn’t have school yesterday and were playing tag in the field. I can’t believe Elias will probably be one of them in just a few years.

Elias playing at the park.

After the swings, we walked around the park and Elias got to feel tree bark and grass for the first time. He also had a moth land on his arm which scared me, but I’m not sure that he even noticed.

After an hour or so, the sky started turning dark so I decided to start heading home. The walk took about 15 or 20 minutes and I didn’t have any rain gear! Luckily I left when I did because shortly before I got home it started hailing! So much for the nice weather. Oh well….it’s good we took advantage of the sun while it was around.


You can even see the sun in this picture! Elias liked pulling the grass.

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  1. Lahlae says:

    so cute! if he starts eating the grass, his poo might turn green fyi. Apparently that happened to me when I was little…:P

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