Sweet (Potato) Success

Here is Elias...happy after the meal.

Last night I tried making baby food puree for the first time. We decided to start with sweet potatoes. I’m pretty sure it turns out he actually had yams….I couldn’t tell at Winco which was which. After looking at pictures of yams and sweet potatoes online….I think I bought a yam. But…a yam is just a type of sweet potato anyway so it doesn’t matter.

Anyway….I peeled, washed, and diced the sweet potato…and proceeded to try to steam it. I accidentally burned it. Nathan claims I set the house on fire, but it was more like a stinky burn smell with a little haze of smoke. The smoke detectors didn’t even go off so it wasn’t that bad. I had to start over.

This is actually what Elias looked like for most of the meal. When he was actually eating the stuff he had an intensely furrowed brow but we never captured that in a photo.

It turns out that making baby food took a lot longer than I had planned. I made seven servings worth of sweet potatoes by the end of the evening. I think I will need one of those miracle dicers or whatever they are called from Pampered Chef as well as a food processor to mash the food since mashing it by hand also took awhile.

So tonight Elias got to try my creation for the first time. He definitely ate some. I don’t think he hated it…but he eats so little from the spoon right now it is hard to tell. He opened his mouth for more a couple of times so I’ll call it a success.

In a few days he’ll get to try zucchini….at least that is what I’m thinking now.

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  1. janet Roth says:

    Next time just microwave the yam— scrub, stab many times with a knife, put on a paper towel. I usually have to use the high setting for 9 minutes 2 or 3 times anyway before it’s ready. Once they are steamed the peel just falls off and when you scrape out the inside it is close to mashed…. (Or maybe put a yam in the oven while you are baking dinner anyway…..)
    It will get easier….

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