Elias Loves His Daddy

Elias and his Daddy

It has been so special lately to see Elias’ relationship with his Daddy blossom. He always has enjoyed Nathan, but it seems recently that Elias just can’t get enough of him. We wait by the window for Daddy to come home from work. We can see a ways down the road and Nathan walks up from the MAX station every day around 5:30. Once Elias spots him, he watches him all the way until we can’t see him anymore. Then when we go to the door to greet him, Elias smiles really big at him and gets super excited. He squeals and laughs and moves his arms and legs excitedly. He just can’t wait for Nathan to wash his hands, change, and give him a hug.

While I imagine that this makes Nathan feel really good, it also makes me very happy. I am so lucky to have both Nathan and Elias in my life, and it is very special to see them love each other.

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  1. Steven Chen says:

    Kim, this entry made my day.

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