World Hunger

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the famine in Africa. To say the words “world hunger” evokes images of beauty contests….what was that Sandra Bullock movie where she plays an undercover beauty pageant contestant? Oh yeah…”Miss Congeniality”. The movie makes fun of the fact that most of the contestants want to change world hunger. But I am getting off topic….

I want to lessen world hunger. Why is it that I get to worry about what to feed my child….whereas some mothers have to worry if they will be able to feed their children? It makes me tear up to even think about the agony of watching a child starve. Why do I have water to spare when others have to walk hours twice a day to get just enough water to survive? Why are we spending so much money on destruction in war when so much less could help multitudes if spent on wells, education, or medicines? I read some statistics… 400 million children are hungry, and one of them dies every six seconds from hunger-related causes. I feel helpless.

I do a little. It’s not like a sit around just thinking. But I want to do more. I support World Vision through money and a little bit of time. I think they do very good work. Someday when Nathan and I are retired, it’s my dream to volunteer for them. But I want to help now! How can I raise Elias to want to help? When is too early to raise his awareness about these issues? I know he is too small now….but I will start early. I will succeed if his little heart grows love and compassion rather than judgement.

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