Elias brushing his own teeth after Mommy brushed them.

We have been trying to get Elias to let us brush his teeth. At first we were just using a washcloth, but then we got a baby toothbrush for him from the dentist. Elias’ response was pretty much lukewarm. He would let us put the toothbrush in his mouth…but moving it around was out of the question. It was very difficult to even know if we were touching his teeth or not. Then he stopped even opening his mouth.

In the last few days he has really warmed up to it, however. I started by holding him while I brushed my teeth. He thought it was really funny to try to grab my toothbrush, and he was very interested in watching me move it back and forth. Then I would get his toothbrush and try to brush his teeth and gums.

Today was the first day that we really had much success. After I had brushed his teeth, I let Elias hold the toothbrush. He really enjoyed that.

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