Christmas Day

Elias actually pulled most of the stuff out of his stocking by himself!

We had a fun Christmas together in the Smith household. As I’ve already written, we had lots of different celebrations in the past few days. On the actual Christmas Day we stayed at home and had Grandma Smith come over. Nathan and I had never hosted Christmas before, so we cooked our first turkey with Grandma’s help. It was a nice easy start…8.7 pounds or so.

Elias enjoyed taking the stuff out of the stocking we filled for him, but he was pretty much too burnt out on presents to be interested in opening any. For him, it was just another normal day. It made me think a lot about Christmas…..Christmas is about incarnation. Jesus’ birth is just one part of that. Christmas has become such a big deal/ordeal in our society. Shouldn’t we be thankful for the incarnation every day? It is interesting how children can help you think about things in new ways.

Anyway, Elias had a fun time playing with Grandma Smith. By the end of the day, though, he was ready for some rest after many busy days in a row. Here are some pictures from our day:

Elias is excited about an egg shaker and some chocolate!

Nathan gave me this apple in my stocking. Elias decided it looked like a yummy snack and started to eat it as he watched us unloading our stockings.

We took a midmorning break to get some fresh air. Elias is pushing the car he got from Grandpa and Grandma Bartle

Grandma Smith opens her stocking.

Playing with Grandma Smith.

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