Fa La La La La

It was another fun filled weekend in the Smith household. We had a lot of activity (including checking an item off of our winter bucket list), but we made sure to have time for rest too!

Friday evening we had Zoo Lights:Round 4. This time we were lucky enough to go with the Pewonka family. Each time we go to zoo lights has been different, and this time was no exception! We spent a lot of time looking at the monkeys and elephants as well as the beautiful lights. When we got in the car on the way home, Nathan and I confessed that neither of us had thought of looking at the animals at the zoo during zoo lights before….don’t know how we missed that one. Elias really liked watching the monkeys eating and swinging up high in their exhibit. Thanks Pewonkas for a fun evening!

Saturday was our rest day! We spent the morning relaxing. Nathan got to play with Elias while I caught up on all sorts of laundry and chores. I love hearing them play together. In the afternoon we went on a nice long walk. We tried to let Elias walk part of the way, but he wouldn’t really go the way we wanted to go….he wanted to walk in the street. We’ll have to keep working on that! In the evening I baked cookies and Nathan prepared us a really yummy salmon dinner.

Elias was having a lot of fun trying on the Packers santa hats at the Brice's.

Sunday was our busy day! After church, we went straight over to the Brice household for a celebration of Dave’s citizenship. Dave is my brother’s wife’s sister’s husband…..yeah….wrap your mind around that for awhile. Anyway, there was all sorts of good food and company. Elias tried on a special hat which I know many people who read this blog will appreciate.

After the party it was home for a nap. Elias was a tired boy! Then we went

Elias eating his dinner at the soup supper after caroling.

back to church for the annual Christmas caroling party. We were a little nervous to take Elias because we didn’t know how so much getting in and out of the car along with being held (he really likes to walk now) would be for Elias. He had lots of fun and clapped to our singing. He brought smiles to the people we visited for sure!

Then it was back to church again for a soup supper.

A very full weekend…but these are the times we will remember and we want to live them fully!

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