A sick boy

Oh, my heart aches for my poor son. After a visit to the doctor this morning, we found out that he has croup and stridor. It was quite disconcerting to hear him having so much trouble breathing. After taking a steroid, and being comforted a bit, he is doing much better. No more fever! But…his day was still rough.

I hate, hate, hate, this helpless feeling. I can’t imagine what it must be like for him to feel so miserable, and not understand why. We thought a bath would help him to feel better…but he ended up just standing there in the water looking at me out of those glossy eyes…tears streaming down his face, snot gushing from his nose, loud wails, lips curled in anguish. (I know it sounds a bit dramatic….but the little guy was so upset!)

He is sleeping now, and I am trying to recover from a difficult day. I am so blessed that he is healthy most of the time. I pray he’ll return to a healthy state soon!

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  1. janet Roth says:

    O Kim all my old remembered early mommy memories and reflexes ache for you (and for Elias)—- we never lose the echoes of nights and days of worry and light sleeping. Praying those sort of breath prayers like the Jesus Prayers or the Trisagion or Hail Marys all help. And remembering that all the “mommy saints” in particular are keeping vigil with you.
    My small prayers for the three of you, too.

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