We got some portraits taken yesterday of Elias and of our family. They turned out well. Elias always gets nervous at first when a stranger points a camera at him. We had to get his passport photos taken twice…(that is another story)…and both times he was quite distressed. The photographer yesterday got him warmed up pretty quickly, though, with our help.

Every time at JC Penny portrait studios, they try to sell us on collage images, or borders, or black and white, etc…We just like traditional portrait sheets. But I have to admit that this one with the poem made me tear up a bit (If you can’t read the poem, it says, “A mother holds her child’s hand for a moment, but holds his heart forever.”) :








We didn’t purchase it, but it touched my heart. Here are a couple other photos taken yesterday:














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  1. Nathan Smith says:

    I’m glad we got these shots while his hair was at the height of unruly curls. 🙂

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