Fun In The Sun!

Gotcha! Elias and Daddy playing a game of chase on our way out to the car.

Nathan had a softball practice yesterday evening, so Elias and I decided we needed to soak up a little more sun outside while Daddy practiced. We all went to the ballpark, and Elias and I walked over the the play ground. Elias got to play on the slides, the swings, climbing structures, and more for about an hour and a half! He had a ton of fun, but got a bit overheated. His cheeks got so red even though I had him drink almost an entire bottle of water! Grandma Smith met us at the ballpark a little more than half way through, and then we came back to our house for dinner where Elias got to have some fun playing inside too! It was a perfect end to the weekend! Here are some more pictures:


Elias on the swings. Look at his red cheeks!

Elias setting up his snack/water/rest area in the shade.


Resting with Grandma Smith

Playing inside when we got home. Elias picked up his monkey that Grandpa Smith got him for his first Christmas, and kept hugging him close. He has been getting more and more attached to this monkey.

Elias playing catch with Grandma Smith!

Good Catch!


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