A clip from a recent conversation between my husband and me:

Nate: “Do you think we’re weirdos?”

Me: “Ummm….yeah, probably. Why are you asking?”

This conversation was prompted by nothing other than….a dog pile on Daddy! I don’t know how many other families would do this…let alone take pictures of it. Maybe all you closet dog-piling families can reveal yourselves and we won’t feel so weird anymore.

Anyway…the other day after Elias woke up from his nap, Daddy was laying on the floor, and Elias sat on his back. (Something Elias

Daddy's had enough!

finds quite funny) I decided to join in the fun. Don’t ask me why we thought it was so funny. Nathan and I were laughing so hard we could barely take a picture at all. Sometimes the best family times are the spontaneous ones. Elias didn’t really know what to think of the whole situation, but was just glad to be part of the fun.


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