Mother’s Day….30 Years From Now

As I was thinking about the approach of Mother’s Day this year, I wondered to myself:

When Elias is grown, what do I hope he thinks about me as a mother? What do I hope he remembers? What would he write if he were to write a Mother’s Day blog post about me?

Right now he’d probably say that I sometimes speak in way too high of a voice, and I clean his nose way too often. I don’t always let him go where he wants to go and sometimes my kisses are smothering. But I do an awesome fire engine sound, and I’m good at helping him count and line up his cars/animals/etc. I make reading stories fun, and I have a comforting shoulder to lean into when he’s sad. I have a good singing voice, and a large repertoire of songs to sing. I’m good at hugs and playing chalk and letting him help me around the house.

But what will he say when he’s grown?

I thought about it for a long time, and I realized that to an extent, it is up to me. Mostly my actions will determine what he remembers and thinks about me when he is an adult. So what do I want him to remember?

If my son writes a blog post about me 30 years from now I hope it says this:

1. She loves me

2. She encourages my belief in Jesus Christ as Savior, and encourages me to live life to His standard

3. She teaches me confidence and imagination

There is a lot more I could hope to be for him as a mother. Hopefully we’ll have fun times and experiences. Maybe if I wrote this blog post next year it would be different. But when I really think about it…at least right now…that is what I hope. Now to go about making it a reality…..

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