Ordinary Times

Elias loves playing with trucks. He lines them up, drives them, and makes "vroom" sounds with his mouth.

I spend a lot of time thinking about special moments. Our first trip to Canada, or Elias’ first haircut. Landmarks…one time only things. Those things are special, but when I really think about it, I want to remember the ordinary times. I want to remember the every day. It seems like so much time is spent just passing through my life. So much time is spent thinking, “Ok, 45 minutes until we leave for…..” I don’t want to just be passing through. I want to really be present…to really live.

Elias trying to fit himself into his Lightning McQueen push toy.

I decided I wanted to document and intentionally remember a few of the things Elias does in an ordinary day. Because ordinary can become very special too if you are truly present. Yesterday I just followed Elias around with the camera for an hour or so in the morning before I got him dressed and before we had to go anywhere. I think he got a bit annoyed with me. A couple of times he grabbed the camera and said “No” accompanied by a firm shake of his head. So I quit the paparazzi stuff and just decided to create a running video memory in my head instead. But here are a few of the pictures I did capture of Elias on an ordinary morning. Oh, I love this boy!


Elias found two of my shoes, slid his feet into them, and proceeded to walk around the house. It was quite amusing for both him and me.

Elias has a bit of a cold. He was trying to breathe through his mouth a bit, and has a funny expression.

Elias playing with his trucks.

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