First boo-boo.

Elias has had lots of bumps and bruises in his first 20 months. He even had one really nasty bruise right below his eye from falling into the night stand that made me weary of taking him out for a few days…for fear of being accused of something. But he has never really had anything that required a band-aid. No bad scrapes or scratches. He’s been lucky and we’ve been careful.

However, today on our way to the park, we broke the streak. Elias tripped and fell on the sidewalk behind our condo. He was a bit upset at first. He reacted as he normally does when something hurts. He pointed to it and then asked for a hug from all those around (today it was Mommy and Grandma Bartle). I noticed, though, as we were going through the comfort routine, that his knee was skinned and bleeding. I didn’t draw much attention to it, because he wasn’t crying, and he didn’t seem to be too bothered by it. When we got in the car, though, he definitely noticed the blood on his knee….it was bright red. He kept touching it and saying “uh-oh.” We got it cleaned and under a band-aid pretty quickly, and Elias moved on with his time at the park. Not a big deal. But still his first boo-boo.

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