A Bedtime Ruckus

Every night we go through the same routine for Elias at bed time. It has really helped him be happy at bedtime. (Although it doesn’t always help him fall asleep quickly…he’s in there counting something right now. “One, two, wee, two, wee, two, wee!”)

Anyway, the last thing I do before putting Elias in the crib for the night is sing to him. I usually sing about three songs… sometimes more…as I rock him in the rocking chair. This evening one of the songs I chose was “This Little Light of Mine.” It’s not really a lullaby, but I thought it would still be ok.

I guess I got a little too into the song though…because during the “shine it all over the neighborhood” verse, Elias started clapping. Not like a “well done, Mommy” clap. It was a clap to the off beats, feelin’ the music kind of clap. I burst out laughing and kissed him a bunch of times. Then I finished the song.

After that, I sang two of the quietest, calmest songs I know, and put him in the crib. I guess you know your bedtime songs are making too much of a ruckus if your child starts clapping to the beat. I’ll have to keep that in mind for the future…..

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