In Which I Am Tired Of This Pregnancy Brain Business

I try not to complain about pregnancy. Because no matter the discomfort now, I know that the end result is way more than worth it. And who wants to be around a complainer anyway? Plus I am so blessed with this miracle, and many others would love to be in my big, lumbering, emotional position.

But I just have to say…I am tired of this pregnancy brain business. I don’t really know if pregnancy brain is a real “thing” or not. But it sure seems like it. I had the last straw today when I discovered that somehow I had misplaced both sets of instructions from the vet for my cats. I took Olive in on Monday, and Hermione in today (Wednesday). Both days I put the instructions from the vet safely in my purse at the vet’s office before I left the counter. Both days I went directly to the car, buckled Elias and the cat in, and went directly home. Both days later in the evening I was trying to tell Nathan how it went only to find that the instructions were nowhere to be found.

What is happening to me? All I can say is:

Dear Brain,

Please come back soon.



Update: Guess what came to me in the mail? Apparently Olive’s vet papers never left the vet office. I still heartily insist that I did put them in my purse. I guess they fell out of my purse as I gathered everything to go out to the car. Mystery number 1 solved. Now for Hermione’s…..

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2 Responses to In Which I Am Tired Of This Pregnancy Brain Business

  1. Jeff Bartle says:

    Just recently helped Greg find his blue tooth from long distance , so here goes.
    First look in the Garbage before it is too late.
    Then look back in the car. (Let me know If I need to look in my garbage since you cleaned out your car over here yesterday)
    Next look in your bills or receipts.
    Don’t forget the CAT carrying case.
    If that all fails, then look in Elias’s diaper bag, books, clothes…….
    If that all fails, then just call the vet and have them email you new instructions……….

  2. Erin says:

    That is very well reasoned and methodical root cause analysis problem solving advice from your father, the engineer. And not to be the bearer of bad news, but the forgetfullness stays pretty consistent or maybe gets a little worse when the second baby’s born (at least that was my experience…). I’m still quite forgetful even now when Sonya’s 2. =( I’m hoping it might pass by the time she’s 22…

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