We are attending a couple different weddings the summer…all right here at the end. Our first one was one of my good college friends from Tacoma. I knew I really wanted to go as soon as I got the invitation, and Nathan was nice enough to drive with me! It was a long time in the car for poor Elias…a little over six hours total in the day to Port Orchard, Washington and back.

The bride was the only person we knew, but it was so worth it! (Nathan said it was worth it just for the meat balls they served at the reception…I didn’t try any of those).

It wasn’t Elias’ first wedding, but it was the first one where he was really aware. We had a few cute and funny moments.

1. When the bride and groom had their first kiss, everyone clapped (of course). Elias stood up on the pew and clapped his little heart out looking back and forth between me and Nathan, so proud of himself. He wanted to continue clapping even after everyone else was finished.

2. The recessional song was “Kiss Me.” I don’t know what started it, but Elias just kept leaning in for kisses from me and Nathan. It was quite fun.

3. At the reception, there was chocolate on each table. Elias noticed it right away, of course. After I had given him one white and one milk chocolate, I told him it was time for a break from the chocolate. Nathan took Elias outside to play while we waited for the bride and groom to show up, but when they came back, Elias climbed up on my lap, and literally dove across the table in an attempt to reach the bowl of chocolates. He was like a beached whale laying out across the table…his feet hanging over the edge, and his arms flailing while trying to reach the bowl. That caused quite a bit of laughter at our table.

4. Elias pretty much destroyed the white table cloth where we were sitting with chocolate and strawberry juice….

5. I was changing Elias’ diaper right before the bride and groom walked in to the reception. When I finished, I set him down and started to wash my hands. Just then, the bride and groom arrived, and loud applause ensued. Elias ran out of the bathroom as fast as he could, pushed through a crowd of people to the front, and clapped his little heart out again. I came chasing after with soapy, drippy hands, a diaper bag with stuff hanging out everywhere, and pushed through people to try and get a hold of my son.

Here is our wedding champ waiting for things to begin at the reception. I had bought a Thomas Magnetic story book a few months ago for a situation just like this…when he’d need something new and interesting to occupy him.

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