All Hallows Eve/ All Hallows Read

We celebrated All Hallows Eve and All Hallows Read today! Elias loves his Sheriff Woody costume so he wore it much of the day. After Daddy got home from work, we gave him a book for All Hallows Read, a tradition started by author Neil Gaiman. I told Elias to hold it up for the camera, and I got a bunch of pictures of him holding it above his head…until I finally convinced him to just hold it next to his tummy.

Elias with his new book for All Hallows Read

Then we read the book. Traditionally, an All Hallows Read gift is supposed to be scary. This one is appropriately “scary” for a two year old. Elias enjoyed it every time mouse said “EEEEEK” in the story.

Then, since it wasn’t raining (only sprinkling…..) we packed up Elias, costume and all, and drove over the the neighborhood where Auntie Kristy and Uncle Scott live (only a couple minutes away). We trick-or-treated at their house first. Then we went out to six or so houses in their neighborhood. At the first one, Elias cried, and I questioned my parenting decisions for pushing him to do it. But after the nice lady complemented his costume and gave him some candy, he warmed up to the idea of trick-or-treating quite quickly. By the end he was saying “trick-or-treat” and “thank you” like an old pro.

Elias and Daddy pose for a picture just before getting into the car.

Elias the trick-or-treater in action.

The only mishap of the night was when we almost lost his boot. We had been swinging Elias between us as we walked along the sidewalk…something he really enjoys. He actually says “one, two, three, weeeeee!” if we don’t do it fast enough. Anyway…on one of the weeee’s, Elias lost a boot. We did not notice. Poor Elias kept saying boot for twenty or thirty feet until I finally looked down and noticed he only had one boot. We quickly recovered the boot and continued our fun. After a few more houses, we went back to Uncle Scott and Auntie Kristy’s for a few minutes before heading home. We poured out all of Elias’ loot, and let him choose one. He chose the M&M’s. Overall a very fun evening.

Elias chose one treat to eat

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