Zoo Lights With Friends!

Elias and Daddy waiting outside the zoo for our friends to show up.

We went for another round of zoo lights last night. The weather started out horrible…it was raining pretty hard when we got there. To top it off, Nathan and I both thought it was a good idea to dress Elias in his thickest sweatpants to keep warm…not thinking that knit pants are horrible in the rain. Next time it’ll be jeans for sure! Poor Elias fell on the pavement shortly after we arrived and was pretty much soaked from the knee down for the rest of the evening. His shoes were wet as well, and when we got home we think his feet were numb because he kept falling as he tried to walk when we first got inside. Luckily, we were able to warm him up relatively quickly! We are stubborn Oregonians…rain doesn’t stop us from winter activities!

Elias and one of his friends ready to look at lights! I could never get them to look at the camera at the same time…so of course I selfishly post the one where my son is looking at the camera.

This trip we met Elias’ friends from play group for some fun zoo lights viewing. Elias was excited to see his friends when we got there…but he still refused to say “hello” directly to any of them. We’ll keep working on it.

It was fun to watch all the kids get excited about different displays. Elias got more excited about the butterflies than he ever has before because his friend Emma was excited about them first!


Elias’ favorite display was the elephants again.

We had lots of fun, but we didn’t stay too long. After a little over an hour we were all wet and frozen (although by then it had stopped raining of course). We went to look at the lighted carousel, and then booked it out of there to get home to our crockpot lasagna and warmth! Nathan and Elias watched “Frosty Returns” while I finished up with dinner prep, then we all enjoyed our meal. A successful outing!

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