Another Wedding!

Andrew, Nathan, and Elias at the reception.

We went to another beautiful wedding yesterday. This one was to unite Andrew (Nathan’s good friend and Elias’ godfather) and Diana. Nathan was in the wedding party and had to be there early in the day. The wedding actually took place at 3:00….a horrible time for Elias! (Doesn’t everyone know that they should plan their weddings around my son’s nap time…I mean…Geez!) Anyway, I got Elias down for an early nap, but still had to wake him up after less than two hours in order to get there in time. He was quite unhappy with me…and cried all the way from the crib, through me changing him and dressing him, bundling him up in the cold, and then in the car until we were on the freeway! But then the rest of the drive calmed him down. We parked down town, and he pretty much forced me to carry him 4 blocks or so to the church. (In my over 36 week pregnant state). I could have been a stricter Mommy and done time outs or dragged him along, forcing him to walk…but I had some sympathy for the poor little guy. He is getting over a cold after all.

But actually getting to the church was the only hard part. After that we had a wonderful time. Elias enjoyed seeing his Daddy up in front. He loved looking at the lights and the windows in the church (If you’ve never been to First Baptist Church in Portland, it’s definitely worth a look around). Elias cheered right up once we had arrived, and stayed happy until the very end of the evening. He even gave me some smooches during the ceremony!

The reception was beautiful and lots of fun as well. We are very happy for our friends Andrew and Diana!

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