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The Smith men on our last visit to Indiana.

The Smith men on our last visit to Indiana.

P1070481Nathan’s Grandpa passed on to the next life this evening. It was not totally unexpected…but still quicker than we had thought. The whole ordeal reminded me of my own Grandfather’s passing. We found out in the morning that hospice was going to be called, and by that evening he was gone. We were hoping baby Smith #2 could meet his great Grandfather. I guess he will in the next life.

I will let Nathan post his own memories of his grandfather. I know there are lots of special ones. For my part, I have been quite emotional about it…and it’s not just because I’m pregnant. As I knew him, Nathan’s grandpa was mostly a quiet man, but spoke when it really mattered…when it was really important. He always welcomed me and made me feel loved. He was a good man.

We love you, Grandpa Smith!

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