The World According to Elias

Elias is really into dinosaurs these days. Here is (an approximate) snippet from my lunch time conversation with Elias (dots indicate a long pause):

Elias: “A betasaurus, Mommy.”

Me: “A betasaurus? Is that a dinosaur?”

Elias: “Yeah.”

Me: “Oh, ok. Where did you learn about the betasaurus?……Did Daddy tell you about it?……..Did Uncle Scott tell you about it?………Did you read about it?”

Elias: “No. It’s a betasaurus.”

Me: “Oh. Is a betasaurus a plant eater or a meat eater?”

Elias: “No. It eats potatoes.”

Me: “Potatoes! That’s silly. Is it a big dinosaur or  a small dinosaur?”

Elias: “It’s a tall one.”

Me: “Does the betasaurus fly?……Does it swim?…….Does it walk on land?……..”

Elias: “No. It’s up tall.”

Me: “Hmmm…..In the trees?”

Elias: “No……In the mountains!”

Me: “Oh wow……What else do you know about the betasaurus?”

Elias: “It’s red.”

Me: “The betasaurus sounds like a cool dinosaur.”

Elias: “Yeah. A cool one.”

Oh what an imagination my son has! Where in the world did he come up with betasaurus?

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