My Little Task Master

This morning on my run, Elias provided me with some much needed motivation…and then some! I’ve been so lucky so far on my runs to have good weather…I feel like I shouldn’t have even acknowledged that in writing because now it will probably rain on me. But the sun was shining, flowers blooming, and lots of people were out and about. I’ve started a running program which will get me from mostly walking (where I am now) to running 30 minutes straight. Since I’ve only been running for one week, I’m still mostly walking.

Anyway, at one point in one of the walking segments, Elias said to me, “Mommy, you better go faster.” Oh if only it were that easy! I told him I would go faster when it was time to go faster and I was just going to enjoy the pretty sky and trees in the mean time. He agreed that that was a good plan.

Elias likes to talk to me throughout my runs. He plans out his day, tells me that next time he wants to be on the left side of the stroller, comments on the quality of his snack, and much more….then he expects me to answer. It helps me gauge whether or not I am too out of breath to talk or not…a good tool!

Finally, I had completed my sets for the day and was cooling down with a walk to the car. I asked Elias, “Did you have fun on our run?”

He said, “Yes. You better do one more run for good measure.”

I guess he tells it like it is…..

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