Carpe Diem – Simon’s First Trip to the Beach

This morning when we woke up we did not know what we were going to do with our day. After entertaining a few different ideas, we decided on heading to the coast for a day of fun. We were very glad that we made that decision! Our day was packed with family fun at the beach.

We arrived a little before noon, and promptly stopped by a shop to purchase a kite. It’s something that Nathan has been wanting to do with Elias for awhile now, plus it is Kk week here so it worked out perfect. Then we went to the beach to set up our spot. Nathan set up the umbrella, and Simon got his first look around at everything:

simonThen we had our picnic lunch:

PicnicElias enjoyed watching the gulls flying and walking around. Simon just took it all in as usual. Here he is laying in the shade of the umbrella:

shadeNate and I had to get a picture of ourselves in there as well. We were just happy to be there!

mom and dadAfter lunch we played in the sand for a bit, and then decided to go check out the ocean. As we were walking toward the ocean, Elias said, “There’s the pool!” Nate and I had a bit of a chuckle, and Nathan explained that it was the ocean, not a pool. We stopped for a family photo. Here’s the best one we could get:

familyElias absolutely loved playing in the water. He ran and splashed back and forth, back and forth for as long as we let him!

P1120830 P1120834He wanted to go deeper, but Nathan held him back.

P1120835Simon got to put his toes into the Pacific for the first time as well. He didn’t seem to mind the cold water, but enjoyed standing in the wet sand more than just getting his feet dipped into the water.

simons first waterAfter we played in the ocean for a bit longer, we decided to head back to our spot to get dried off and warmed up. Elias played in the sand again and said that was his favorite part of the beach. He instructed Nathan and I where to dig our holes.

P1120846At this point, Simon had had enough, and got quite upset until I was able to put him down for a nap. He napped in the shade while Nathan tried to get the kite set up.

napUnfortunately, Nathan’s engineer brain was not able to be creative enough to put together a kite without instructions. He toiled for quite awhile and Elias played in the sand and watched. He got sand everywhere!

sandI jumped up to try and help with the kite, but it did no good. We were probably the comic entertainment for our section of the beach trying to get that kite into the air. It just kept flying for a second or two, and then it came crashing into the sand. Finally, Nathan figured out what was wrong, and we got the kite up. Elias even got to fly it!

P1120886 We let Elias choose any kite he wanted. He chose the cow kite. Here he is flying it:

P1120891After the kite flying, Elias played in the ocean again. We were all exhausted by the time we got home. What a fun day!


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