Simon – 6 Months

Simon is now 6 months and one week old. It’s hard to believe it’s been more than half a year already. He’s had a few milestones recently.

1. He’s got teeth! Simon has his two bottom middle teeth. His smile is so cute, but I have to admit I was pretty disappointed to see those poke through. He is growing too fast! His perfect little gums are no more. Onward and upward I guess is how it always goes. It’s a good thing, but my sentimental Mommy hormones made me sad to see babyhood disappearing right before my eyes.

2. He’s eating solids! Well….sort of. We started him on some oatmeal cereal last night, and he ate some again this morning for breakfast. He did pretty well with it all. I think he will be more excited to start actually handling some food himself in a few days.

3. He got his first sand in his eyes/mouth. We went on a family camping trip to the beach for a few days last weekend. We spent a whole day at the beach without getting too much sand on him. However, we went back the next day, and I stopped paying attention for a few seconds, and he ended up face planting into the sand. He also managed to grab a bunch in his fist, and proceeded to stick it in his mouth. Yuck!

We had Simon’s 6 month dr. appt. a few days ago. Here are his stats:

Weight: 20 pounds, 3.3 ounces (88 %)

Height: 27.4 inches (80%)

So….he’s slowed down a bit in the growth. Probably because he’s started moving around!

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