We Gotta Read Some Books

Usually when I get Elias out of quiet time, he is itching to get out of his room. As soon as I open the door, he smiles and says, “It’s time to go out there!” and makes a beeline for the toys in our “main room” (as he calls it). Earlier this afternoon when I got him out of quiet time, I found this sight:

P1130778As I opened the door, he looked up at me and said, “Mommy, we gotta read some books!”

It was so cute. I picked up his pile, sat down, and put it back on my lap, then we dove in. Unfortunately, Simon woke up from his nap soon after we started. I went to get Simon, set up a small play area for him on the floor, and we got back to business. I ended up reading all the books in the above picture plus some others!


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