Letter of the Week: A Toddler’s Alphabet Study (Nn)

It’s been more like Nn month than Nn week here. We’ve been out of town, and had family visiting. Things are starting to settle down around here, though, so we’ll be able to get back into our alphabet study routine as well. We did a bunch of Nn things over the last few weeks.

N is for Nana

We talked about Nana, and I asked Elias his favorite things about Nana, and his favorite things to do with Nana. He needed a little bit of help getting going, but once I suggested one or two things, he named the rest. I wrote them down on little slips of paper, had Elias paint a giant heart, and glued them all together on an art project for Nana’s fridge.

P1140220 P1140221N is for Numbers

Elias has been more and more interested in numbers and counting recently. I bought some number stickers and a roller paint brush. I like to have Elias try different textures and methods for painting. We had never done the roller brush. It turns out he loved it! In fact, he loved the whole project so much that he has asked to do it again and again! I had him stick some number stickers on a piece of paper. Then he painted over them with the roller brush. In the morning after everything dried, we peeled away the stickers and the numbers were still underneath. He said it was “like magic.”

P1140369 P1140374 P1140387N is for Narwhal

Elias knew of the word “narwhal” because of a set of letter flashcards he has. However, he didn’t know anything else about the animal. When we were at a discount bookstore a couple weeks ago, I found a book about narwhal for really cheap so I picked it up. Elias has really enjoyed reading this book. It’s another we’ll read over and over.

P1140451N is for Nun chucks

We made toilet paper roll nun chucks! I collected two toilet paper rolls and a shoe lace. I instructed Elias to paint them with his roller brush. However, he decided that it would be more fun to just roll the toilet paper roll in the paint himself. That was fine with me. After they dried, I connected them with the shoelace and we went to town playing with them. Elias didn’t really have any context for how to play with them at first. He looked at me like, “what am I supposed to do with this?” but I had some fun giving him some demonstrations. Then, when Daddy got home, he joined the fun as well.

P1140431 P1140450 P1140457N is for Noah

We read the story of Noah’s ark in Elias’ children’s Bible. We read this story all the time anyway, but this time I was careful to point out how Noah started with Nn. Elias took note, but then wanted me to just get on with the story.

N is for Nine

Nine innings, that is! We went to three different baseball games during the period that we were studying letter Nn. Unfortunately, we had to leave one after only 3 innings due to rain. Another was tied so we stayed for 10. One of the games actually did have nine innings, though!

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