Letter of the Week: A Toddler’s Alphabet Study (Oo)

We’ve been talking a lot about the letter Oo the past week or two around here. Elias gets a bit confused on the letters which have more than one sound, so this was a tough one. To him, O says “ah” like Octopus.

Unfortunately, my grand plans to get back into our normal routine have not been realized. We just cannot shake this sickness that has entered our house. Simon is coming on three weeks sick. I am almost at two weeks, and heading to the doctor tomorrow, and Elias is sick now as well after starting out with a horrible fever. But enough complaining for now….I had a lot of grand plans for letter Oo, here are the few of them we actually managed to do:

O is for Orca

We checked out the book O is for Orca from the library. It is a pacific northwest alphabet book that Elias really enjoyed. We also checked out a couple of other books about Orcas and read them together. At the dinner table later in the evening Elias was able to recall a couple facts he had learned about Orcas so I called it a success!

O is for Ocean

I got the idea for an ocean mural here. We have a nice open wall in our hallway, and Elias had never done a mural before. Elias really wanted to use watercolors so instead of doing the ocean shapes mural, I asked him to name ocean animals he knew. Then I found a coloring page of those animals to print out. He water colored the pages, and we waited for them to dry. In the meantime, I set up the mural with contact paper and painters tape. It was more difficult and time consuming to get up on the wall than I had imagined, but it was worth it in the end. After quiet time, Elias got to stick his pieces of art up on the mural. I also let him color in the ocean. He loved the activity, and goes back to it every day.



The set up

The set up

Coloring in the ocean...with a little help from Simon

Coloring in the ocean…with a little help from Simon

Placing his ocean animals

Placing his ocean animals

Admiring the finished product

Admiring the finished product

O is for Oregon

For Oregon we looked at his maps, talked about how it is the state where we live, and read Goodnight Oregon.

O is for Ohio

We looked at pictures from our recent trip to Ohio, and decided on a couple to send to Uncle Greg (who lives there).

O is for Owl

We read Owls by Gail Gibbons, and did a fun Owl craft. I took out our craft foam, and had Elias choose colors he wanted for different body parts of the owl. I cut out the pieces, and he glued them together. Elias loves googly eyes, and wanted to put more than two on. So we made two normal owls and three monster owls. Here are his creations:

P1140971 P1140973

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