Letter of the Week: A Toddler’s Alphabet Study (Pp)

Well we’ve been officially on letter Pp for about five weeks now. I figured since P begins the word procrastinate it would be ok. But in all honesty, I’m not in any rush to finish. I just want to talk about the alphabet and letter sounds with Elias in a fun way. So one letter per week is not actually the point.

Elias is really starting to hear letter sounds in the words he hears, but he doesn’t always know how to apply his knowledge. He’ll say things like, “Tt! Tt starts turtle!” out of the blue. But he also says things like “B is for giraffe.” Sometimes I don’t really know what to think. But we are having fun and he is doing really well with letter recognition, spelling some words, and finger spelling his alphabet so he’ll be just fine.

Here is what we did for Pp:

P is for Pumpkin

I purchased a few small pumpkins to decorate our home for autumn, and I had Elias paint them. He was thrilled to have another painting project to complete, and enjoyed painting pumpkins on a few different nights.

P1140983P is for Post Office

I took Elias to the Beaverton Post Office twice during the last five weeks. We looked at the P.O boxes, and mailed some packages to our sponsored kids around the world. Elias loves checking the mail, and was interested to hear about where our mail goes.

P is for Painting

Elias loves painting, so I let him paint on his easel a number of times. He always makes dinosaurs. I think this one was a stegosaurus.

P1140977P is for Panda

We checked out a bunch of books from the library on pandas, and read them together. Elias’ favorite fact was about pandas eating bamboo. They have to eat a lot of it because it isn’t very nutritious!

P is for Popcorn

Elias and his Daddy love to make popcorn together with our stircrazy. It’s a Smith family tradition. They often watch sports together when they eat popcorn.

P is for Party

Elias’ birthday fell during this time period, so we made sure to emphasize the p in party when we were preparing for his big event.

P1150024P is for Peter

There are lots of Bible stories that include Peter, but I went with a song instead. We call it Peter and John, but I don’t know its real name.

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