Simon – 9 Months

P1150584Simon is 9 months old today. I spent a long time just looking at him this evening at bedtime. He had some trouble falling asleep, and as I rocked away his tears, I just stared at his face. His perfect, round little nose. His irresistible cheeks. His little ear notches. The way his lips form a little circle after the pacifier falls out of his mouth, and his tongue is still doing a little sucking motion inside. His little wisps of hair and his perfect skin. He is safe in my arms.

Where did the time go? How can nine months have passed so quickly? It has been so fun the last few months watching him learn to crawl, stand, cruise. Now he walks if I hold both of his hands. It’s been fun P1150579watching his little personality assert itself. He’s got such an interest and a curiosity about the world. He’s got a gleam in his eye wherever he goes. He’s learned how to clap his hands and he’s got an expert pincer grip. There are now six teeth in his mouth. He’s got bruises everywhere because his curiosity and confidence are greater than his balance and coordination.

It’s all so fun and good. But realizing he is now 9 months made me think of all that I’ve lost. All that is gone. Soon he won’t be a baby anymore.

I took Simon to his 9 month well check today. He is doing well. Here are his stats:

22 pounds, 11 ounces (80% or so)

28.5 inches (65% or so)

His growth in length has slowed a lot. His weight has slowed as well. They all pretty much even out some day.

He is a joy and a blessing.

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  1. janet says:

    I got to spend some time on Sunday between services with Simon. He made the entire choir smile when he went down to listen to them practice. That seems to be his calling, his ministry for the time being — making adults smile.

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