What Are We Into?

P1150561Simon gets into everything. I mean everything. He tried to eat a pencil eraser off the floor during Elias’ swim lessons this evening. He’s fast too. He’s really giving me a run for my money these last few days.

His favorite new past time is unpacking drawers. His two favorites are the kitchen oven mitt/potholder drawer, and his dresser drawer with all of the shirts.

Earlier this evening, as I was making some peach baby food, I heard Elias yell (with a lot of frustration) “That’s enough, Simon!” I decided I had better investigate, and found that while setting the table, Elias had left the place mat drawer open. He had chosen the three we needed, and headed to the table to set them out, forgetting to shut the drawer behind him. Simon had taken advantage of that opportunity, and was taking all of the place mats out of the drawer. Elias was desperately trying to hold all of the place mats in the drawer, while Simon was pulling them out. It was a bit comical watching the brotherly struggle.

It’s just a stage and I actually think it is pretty cute. But cleaning up piles of things that have been tossed out of drawers is starting to wear on me. He’s a mischief maker. What will he be into next?

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