Bartle Christmas!

We exchanged gifts and had a Christmas dinner together with my family on December 21st. We dropped the boys off at my parents’ house early in the morning so we could go to another bell choir rehearsal. When we arrived back at their house, Uncle Scott and Auntie Kristy had arrived with their puppy Arwen. The boys were having a ton of fun as usual with Baba and Ama and Auntie and Uncle, but we eventually settled down and exchanged some gifts.

It was Simon’s first Christmas, but he was a pro at removing bows. I think he may have removed every single bow from its corresponding package at some point. For awhile I tried reattaching some, but eventually they were all pretty much bow-less. Elias was a pro this year. He helped sort and hand out packages, and he helped us open many as well. As is probably normal with all three year olds, his favorite part was opening the paper…he didn’t care much what was inside.

P1150998 P1160047 P1160052Uncle Scott and Auntie Kristy got Elias a tunnel and tent. He absolutely loves it! Elias calls it his “first tent.” Simon enjoys it a lot too. Elias moves too fast for me to get any pictures…they are all blurry. But I did get this cute one of Simon in the tunnel:

P1160040In the afternoon, Uncle Jim and Auntie Jeani came over. We ate a wonderful meal, and exchanged a few more gifts. But the best part of the day was just being together.


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