Christmas Day

We had a relaxed Christmas Day in our new home. Nathan had Christmas Day off of work and we all slept in until 7:30 or so. We got Elias a bike for Christmas. He noticed it right away when we went down stairs. The pedals work a bit differently than his tricycle so he had a bit of a difficult time. It will definitely take some practice…but he’ll get it. Right now I still have to force him to ride the bike…he wants the tricycle. Once he gets the hang of it, though, it will be awesome!

P1160127We got Simon and xylophone toy. Both the boys love that thing.

P1160132Other Christmas surprises? Simon can climb the stairs. All of them. By himself. We have a gate at the top right now, but not at the bottom. This boy has me worried. I’ve got to watch him like a hawk. Oh yeah…and I did not put the bow there. He must have sat on it himself. I thought it was so cute, though, that I didn’t remove it.

P1160124Nana came over mid morning to spend the day with us. Elias helped her unwrap a set of bowls we got her. She read to the boys and played with them, and she helped us cook a delicious Christmas dinner.

P1160138Oh yeah…and for the record…I was there too. I had Nathan take this picture to prove it.

P1160131All in all it was a wonderful day. Nothing can beat time together with family.

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