Things We Never Thought We’d Do…..

Becoming a parent means doing a lot of things you never thought you’d do. There are the gross ones like ‘pick someone else’s nose’ or ‘pee with someone else hanging on your leg.’ There are the tedious ones like ‘cutting toast into amazingly intricate shapes just so  your child will eat it without complaining’ or ‘reshelving the entire bookshelf after your barely one year old thinks it is fun to remove them.’

Then there are the just plain bizarre ones:

P1160765Last Saturday morning I woke up with a pretty stiff/sore back and neck. I asked Nathan to give me a massage. The boys both watched as I got my massage and for some reason, thought it was pretty hilarious. When my turn was over, Elias really wanted his polar bear to get a massage as well. I bet Nathan never thought he’d be massaging a stuffed animal.

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