Seed Planting!

We were supposed to go to a MOMS club seed planting event this morning. I had been telling Elias about it for a week or so now. He was very excited. However, Simon just hasn’t been able to fully kick whatever virus he had. I thought he was over it for a few days, and now it seems to be hanging around or coming back. Plus, there was sickness in the hosts house over the weekend, and I didn’t want him exposed with his weak immune system.

So…we had a slow morning. All of a sudden, Elias said to me, “It’s Tuesday. It’s seaweed planting day!” I felt so bad and guilty! We piled in the car, dropped off a forgotten lunch to a certain Daddy, and then headed to Fred Meyers. I let Elias choose any seeds he wanted, and he went a bit wild. I think we left the place with about 15 seed packets….enough seeds to last 50 years!

After Simon went down for his nap, we found a (very short) break in the rain, and went out for the dirt. Elias was very excited to “play” in the dirt.

P1160988For the second tray, Elias became king of the dirt pile. He had to climb all the way to the top for each spadeful.

P1160990Then we went inside to plant. Elias first chose yellow pear tomato. Who knows what those are. I certainly had never seen one before. I guess we’ll find out! He was very interested in the seeds, and looking at the different sizes, shapes, and colors.

P1160995P1160997Here he is making a little bed for his seeds:

P1160999And planting the seeds…..

P1170003It amazes me again and again how such tiny seeds will produce such beautiful life with only dirt, water, and sunlight:

P1170005And….onto watermelon! At first, Elias was convinced that this was kiwi. I don’t know how I finally convinced him that it is actually watermelon. But he eventually gave in. It was a miracle.

P1170006Here is Elias…proud of his finished product. He planted brocolli, yellow pear tomato, regular tomato, green bean, lettuce, pumpkin, watermelon (2 types), carrot, radish, coleus, zinnia, some other flower I don’t know, and probably a few more I have forgotten.

P1170014Elias was very excited to water his seeds so I let him do so.

P1170017Now I am just praying that they grow. I’m so bad with plants, and while Elias did most of the work, I had my hand in it too. I’d love for him to see this whole process through transplanting, and picking the fruits of his labor. Good job, little man!

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